Hotels Thessaloniki Center (70 total). One of the most ideal accommodation choices of the hotels in the center of Thessaloniki is undoubtedly the a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel, a four-star Boutique Hotel, ready to welcome you and offer its’ services at any time, as it combines the comfort of a cozy hotel with the convenience of direct service in the city center.

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Thessaloniki and History

It is the second biggest and most populated city of Greece, often referred as the co-capital of Greece. Since its founding by Cassander as a thriving Hellenistic city until Ottoman domination, Thessaloniki leverages its strategic position and becomes a multicultural city. In 1912, by the end of the Balkan wars, is incorporated in the modern Greek State.


Thessaloniki and Geography

Thessaloniki is located in the western part of the region of Thessaloniki, in the cove of Thermaikos Gulf. It is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of cedar hill and is surrounded by the forest of Sheikh Sou in the East. Sindos is the city’s industrial zone and in the south there is the airport area, Therme area and the southeast area of Panorama.

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Thessaloniki = Entertainment and Fun

One of the city’s features that make it particularly popular is, of course, its excellent cuisine and its special flavors. It is a fact that it has been a cultural crossroads, while every civilization has left its own mark. As a result the city’s cuisine was affected by the different influences, thus becoming a mixing of traditional flavors.

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Thessaloniki and Churches

Rotunda Panagia Chalkeon, Church of Saint Demetrius and Church of Hagia Sophia are a few of the churches of Thessaloniki in the heart of the historic city center.

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Thessaloniki and Monuments

White Tower, Galerius Arch (Kamara), Statue of Alexander the Great and Ancient Agora are the best known symbols of the city and the most recognizable monuments in Greece.

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Thessaloniki and Transportation

See all the transportation in Thessaloniki from the Airport and the Port to the Railway Station Thessaloniki and the Macedonia Bus Terminal

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Thessaloniki and Points of Interest

Aristotelous Square, Navarino Square, Museum of Byzantine Culture, International Fair (TIF HELEXPO), International Book Fair, Beach, Film Festival, Concert Hall, Stoa Modiano – Kapani

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